A few days ago I was contacted by Frank Wu to see if we’d be interested in carrying a book by Agog! Press that contained his first piece of published fiction. (If you don’t know who Frank is, you should check out his artwork on his website.) I couldn’t pass up a book of giant monster stories and asked if Frank would be willing to sign copies. He did one better… he signed each book and drew (pen and highlighter) monsters onto the title page of each book.

My son and I had fun looking at all the drawings and I had him pick which one we should keep for ourselves. He’s only 5, so it was the art that sold him. (He’s a big Gamera fan.) I’ll start reading the short stories this weekend. I figure I’ll have some time for a change. 🙂

Anyhow, if this sort of thing interests you, I suggest you move quickly. We were only able to get a very limited number of copies of this book and Franks extra artwork certainly makes these copies unique. Just click on the book cover to get the complete details.