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Cover Designs

After I posted the draft cover design for the first issue Clarkesworld Magazine, I had a few people send me a variety of good suggestions. I had some reservations anyway, so I decided to learn as much as I could in a short period and apply it to a new design.

If you need something to compare to the old cover image is here.

So, am I moving in the right direction? I won’t be insulted by a no.


Apex Magazine


Ok. I think this is it…


  1. The answer is yes. I didn’t have that much of a problem with the old design, but this one is definitely better!

  2. I like the old font better. But I like the new design better overall.

  3. I prefer the new one.

  4. Visually, this version works better for me. The all caps for the magazine’s name and featured writers’ names gives it a professional look. The names at the bottom are balanced, and that also works better for me.

    As for the Issue # 1—well, I’ve seen various versions on other print magazines, both genre and mainstream/special interest. The ones that appear most professional to me are a VOL 1, NO. (or ISSUE) 1, or a simple month name in caps. (But I’d replace # with NO. And while I like the smaller font size, which is pleasing to my eye, I think the white needs to be brighter and closer to the brightness of the authors’ names. You might get that by bolding it, but changing the size could be an option.)

    (For what my opinion is worth. 😉

  5. I like it. Featuring writers’ names is necessary for several reasons, of course, but I like that the rest of the image isn’t obscured and overall the thing isn’t as busy as some other genre magazines are. I don’t think you need a scholarly journal format (as suggested above). Interzone’s done quite well with only a volume number; along those lines, however, the # could get lost without mourning.
    En toto, Neil, it’s a fine looking first issue. I’ll be subscribing if the quality of the material you post online is at the level I suspect it’ll be.

    • This is very nice. The new font looks much more adult. I’m afraid the other looked a little dated to me.

      I’ll third dropping the # sign. You really don’t need it. You might want to think about going with Volume 1, Issue 1 though, because you’re doing them in sets of six. It will make the collections tidier down the road.

  6. I think this one is much nicer than the last – though I didn’t notice anything bad about the last one when I saw it!

    The artwork is just lovely.

    I do like this font better.

  7. yep, the most recent version is the best

  8. I like a lot, very nice. Definate improvement.

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