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Cover art for the next issue

I’ve settled on the art for next month’s issue of Clarkesworld Magazine. I’ve wanted to do more wrap around covers for the chapbooks and this one just jumped at me.

sleeping.with.the.fishes by Ian Field-Richards


May Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine


Pollen must be worse than normal


  1. That? Is fantastic.
    100%. I love it!

  2. Excellent, Neil.

  3. That’s got a nice Terry Gilliam vibe.

  4. creepy, man!

  5. Wow. Awesome. I mean that is awesome.

    Ok. I really must go through my stories to find another one that might fit because I love being rejected by but this kind of art choice makes me want to be accepted all the more.

    (Note: I really do want to be accepted primarily, but provides the kind of writing advice and criticism that makes it almost better to be rejected by him than accepted by most markets out there.)

  6. Quite the head trip. I like it.

  7. Augh! Scary-cool-creepy-nifty!

    — C.

  8. Sends at least two different kinds of chills down my spine.

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