Countdown to Readercon

Readercon is just under a month away and I since I was unable to get a table in the dealer’s room, I’ve decided to make good use of the extra freedom that gives me. I’ve started contacting authors that willing attending the con to set up as many signings as possible. I’m packing my car with as many books as it will hold. 🙂

So far, I’ve had acceptances from: Allen Steele, James Morrow, Jeffrey Carver, Jeffrey Ford, Karl Schoeder, Paul Di Filippo, Paul Levinson, Paul Witcover, Peter Watts, Richard Bowes, and Robert J. Sawyer. Many personal favorites, so I’m very pleased.

No one has said no, but there are a few that just haven’t written back yet. There are still more that I don’t have email addresses for and would love to add to that list. Some of you are on my friends list, so if you haven’t heard from me, please drop me a line at or post a comment. Likewise if you have contact information for someone who isn’t mentioned above and would be willing to put me in touch with them. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of female authors on the confirmed list, so there will be some extra effort made there. Normally it’s much more balanced.


9 thoughts on “Countdown to Readercon

  1. eldritch00 says:

    If I ever met Levinson, I’d probably have his Digital McLuhan signed. I haven’t read his fiction, but I’ve been successfully using his non-fiction for my classes. Would you know “how” Borges is going to make an “appearance”?

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