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Last year, many of us stood up and demonstrated the value of having a Best Semiprozine Hugo Award. While our efforts to save the category were successful, we cannot sit back and assume our work is done. I urge everyone that is eligible to nominate for the Hugos (anyone who attended Worldcon in 2009 or will attend in 2010) to check out some of the fine publications represented by this category, pick your favorites, and nominate. There is no better way to show your continued support.

Can’t vote? Spread the word to those that can. That works too.


Neil Clarke
Clarkesworld Magazine
2009 Best Semiprozine Nominee


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  1. Hugo Consideration for the

    As the person who wrote LORD DICKENS’S DECLARATION, the story that was auctioned off this past year for the benefit of Spider and Jeanne, as well as a regular contributor and narrator for the (SSS), I can’t help but agree with the round of people who are now proposing that SSS deserves Hugo consideration. This podcast site — among many worthy places on the web — deserves special plaudits, AND a Hugo, for its ability to form and maintain a community of fans and professionals. This site is a 21st century echo of the family/community of the past known as The Futurians, which created the core of the Golden Age of s.f. in the 40s and 50s. Stop by my blog at for a longer take on this.

  2. Anonymous

    I second Larry Santoro’s Comment

    StarShipSofa has turned fans all over the world into contributors, and the result is a top quality weekly show. In terms of quality content and numbers of subscribers and contributers, this podcast has got to be worthy of a Best Fanzine nomination. Voters, I encourage you to consider.

    Robyn Bradshaw

  3. Thirded

    I have to third the motion. I have listened to StarShipSofa [SSS] from way back in the early days when it was two guys talking about their favourite sci-fi writers. The show since then has morphed into a fantastic weekly podcast with flash fiction, short stories (occasionally serialised) fact articles, poetry, music. It has artwork, iPhone and Droid apps, the occasional competition and a strong forum community. And it’s this last point which perhaps above all makes SSS a worthy Hugo nominee. As well as having the heavy hitters of sci-fi get their short stories out and about, its strong community spirit allows for those just starting to get some airtime. Of all the podcasts I have listened to over the years, SSS is the one that always keeps me coming back for more.

  4. SSS

    I have been listening to the SSS for as long as I have had a ipod and its is the only podcast I listen to to. Tony got me though a tour in Afghanistan and Bosnia because of the content of the Podcast. It was my escape from the day to day grind of life out there, I got books sent out to me from Tony and numerous fans and this to me and great stories and articles is what the SSS is all about. We all feel apart of it, its our show and one I love, it is about ownership and having a emontial connection. All of that would not be there if it was not down to Tonys time and effort he puts in to tie all the segments togeather but more importanly every one who contributes and give there time and effort freely deserves a thank you. Its a great show and one I would hope could be recognise in some way. Thanks Tony and everyone who puts any time in to this great show.

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