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Cons – Readercon & Balticon Update

I had been hoping to attend Balticon this year, but after checking out my finances and driving by the gas station, I don’t see that being likely. The next con I’ll be at will be ReaderCon, which if I had to choose between the two would be the clear choice. I had been hoping to get a table in the Dealer’s room there, but all of last year’s vendors are returning, so there are no tables available. There was the possibility of a new table opening, but I just heard this week that they scrubbed that plan. I guess I’ll get to go to the panels again this year after all.


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  1. Well that sucks. I’m headed to Balticon (the day job pays for lots of fun things!) and Readercon. At least I’ll get to see you in Mass.

    And it double sucks that they didn’t give you a table in the dealer’s room. We’ll have to set up shop in the bar. You’ll get more customers that way. It is a con after all. *grin*

    • Day jobs are great for paying all those extra bills. With two kids though, the bills eat up most of what my day job brings in. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket on Monday and see what happens. 🙂

      I can understand them wanting to support those who have been there before, but you’d also think they’d want some new blood each year. There were definite gaps in what was available there and that’s why I was so interested in getting a table there. Ah well, the bar is always an option… so is a trenchcoat and elevator (psst, bud, wanna buy a book? Gotta great deal on a Skewed Throne for yah.) I’ll probably keep my standing offer to deliver books to the con too, so anyone can order in advance if they like and not pay for shipping.

      • That’s a great promo: personal delivery to save on shipping. And new blood is always good. I’m surprised they don’t subscribe to that policy.

        Past experience tells me that I should bring some extra copies of Skewed Throne along with me wherever I go. Otherwise the dealers don’t recognize the name and so don’t stock up and then I don’t sell anything and blah, blah, blah. So the selling of ST in the elevator thing isn’t that far off.

        • That will change. Perhaps you could email some of the dealers in advance and see if they’ll be bringing any.

  2. Oh, and just so you know, amazon has the mass market version of Skewed Throne up for preorder now as well, ISBN and everything. Not sure if you wanted to add this to your site or not.

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