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"Since I tend to read a lot of science fiction/fantasy stories, I can cite several samples in that genre. They include Strange Horizons, a professional-level speculative fiction magazine; Farrago’s Wainscot, a compendium of weird tales; and Clarkesworld, which features some of today’s best new authors."
— From "Don’t have a Kindle 2? Try these online book sites" by Barbara Krasnoff published in Computer World Magazine.

I’ve been working in technology for 20 years, so a mention in Computer World is cool to me.


An Empty Slush Pile is a Sad Slush Pile


March Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine


  1. Oh wow. That IS cool. Mentions like that just don’t happen often enough.

  2. Any mention is good, but Computer World is still a name to conjure with.

  3. Well, hey—look at that!

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