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Coming Soon to a Convention Near You…

…if you live in the DC area.

This coming weekend is Capclave.  I’ve scheduled some time off from work, so I’ll be heading south on this Friday morning.  Thursday, I’ll be packing up books and magazines to sell at my table in the dealer’s room.  Yes, I hope to make the seemingly endless supply of books from the store a bit smaller this week.  Please come and buy.  It will make my family very happy.  I’ll even take book requests if you can get them to me before Thursday.  I’d probably be able to do better on price that way.

Friday night at 7, I’ll be on the small press panel.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get enough guests interested in being on the magazine panel this year.  I had fun on that panel last year.  Should be interesting to see how this goes.  With any luck, I may have some ARCs for REALMS.  At worst, I have piles of postcards.

So, who else is going?


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  1. But we’re going to have so much fun on that panel! wheeeeeeee!

  2. I, unfortunately, won’t be at Capclave.

    I just got a new job (yay jobs with decent salary! … watch Elaine’s book-buying go up!) and am in Dublin this week for work. Won’t get back til after 5pm on Sunday, alas.

    But you will also be at WFC, right?

    • Congrats on the new job! Hope you’re getting some time to have fun on your trip. It’s been ages since I’ve been in Dublin.

      I’ll be at WFC. No table in the dealer’s room, despite wanting one. Sean offered some space on the Prime table to sell copies of Realms though, so I’ll probably be over there with some frequency.

  3. We’re not going to Capclave, but if you have any time to sneak out for lunch or dinner, say on Sunday (Saturday is packed for us), we’d love to see you.

    • Wish I could, but Sunday is race back home before the traffic day. I pack up and leave right from the convention. Last year I hung around and paid for it with hours and hours of traffic.

      • Well, Ray may go by the convention on Saturday, though I won’t be able to (as one married to a crafty person, I’m sure you’ll understand that NOTHING trumps Stitches East for me!). I told him to email you and see what your schedule was like, and he may even remember. 🙂

        • 🙂 I understand.

          I have a table in the Dealer’s room, so that’s probably the best place for Ray to find me. I’ll been in there from 10-6, with the occasional break to keep from going insane.

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