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Clarkesworld’s February Slush Statistics

And not it is time for another episode of Confessions of a Clarkesworld Magazine Slush Statistics Junky!

Submissions Processed: 420 (new record)

Average Response Time: 1.41 days (worse at the start of the month, better at the end)

Gender Breakdown:
266 Men (63.33%), 0 acceptances
154 Women (36.67%), 1 acceptances (percentage continues to increase, yay!)

First Time Submissions*:
153 Men (57.52% of all submissions from men)
99 Women (64.29% of all submissions from women)

Countries with Three or More Submissions:
US 77.86%  (slight increase, was hoping to move in the other direction)
Canada 6.43%
UK 5.48%
Australia 2.86%
Germany 1.43%
Ireland 0.71%
Japan 0.71%
Netherlands 0.6%

* The tracking system has only been in place since September 2008, so "first time" may actually be first time since then.


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  1. I know you only accept about 12 a year out of slush. but that is still a rather depressing number. 1 out of 420.

    Have you ever considering doing statistcs on just how many of those stories were good… but just not great enough?

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