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Clarkesworld Submissions Update

Someone very kindly pointed out to me that my wording on the submissions page at Clarkesworld could be mistaken as saying that we’re never re-opening to submissions. Since that’s definitely not the case, I’ve updated the page to indicate that we will reopen sometime later this Summer. Why so vague? Well, there is still the staffing issue to finish up and there are some submissions still in the slush that we want to clear out before letting anymore in.

For those of you waiting for a response, my apologies for the delay. Nick has moved onto his new job and the rest of us will be finishing out the pile. This also means that the era of personalized rejections letters at Clarkesworld is coming to an end. I know many people enjoyed receiving those pearls (probably would have enjoyed acceptances more), but it isn’t a sustainable process at the moment. Should anyone feel the need to withdraw their story from consideration, they can email me at books(at) and I’ll be happy to take care of it for you.


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  1. I was wondering — do you have any sense of how long it might take to get through your remaining slush?

  2. Anonymous

    Submission opeaning

    Yes I feel the need to send my as well the end of summer is closing in on all of us that have written and polished are manuscripts are in need to show what we have . Special if authors like I have turned down other publishers to show clarksworld first…Jack

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