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Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll: Best Cover Art for 2007

The first annual Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll is over. The cover art poll wrapped up this afternoon and the winners are:

Third Place
“The Truth” by Natasha Nesterova

Second Place (Tie)
“Aeropolis” by Tomasz Maronski
“Light” by Naomi Chen

First Place
“Cardboard Box” by Serj Iulian

Final Results


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  1. As awesome as these covers are, I am terribly sad that the giant octopus one didn’t make the list. That has my vote for best magazine cover ever.

    Also, it doesn’t seem that anyone loved issue 15’s cover as much as I did.

    • Chen Lin’s “Big Octopus” was in fourth place by just one vote and it was two votes from being tied for second. It was a tough break, but it did very well.

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