Recruiting for the Clarkesworld Podcast

We’re looking for a few narrators to join Kate Baker as part of the Clarkesworld Magazine podcast crew. If you are interested, please fill out this application. Don’t worry, Kate isn’t going anywhere.

7/6 Update: The form has closed and we are now reviewing applications.

10 thoughts on “Recruiting for the Clarkesworld Podcast

    • Neil Clarke says:

      What details would you like? We’re looking for people who can narrate stories up to 10k in length (typically less) once or twice a month. Ideally we’ll have a few people to spread the stories among. You’ll receive the story no less than a month in advance and would be expected to provide an audio file of similar quality to what we’re currently producing. Narration only. Intro and end materials will be recorded by Kate and added on when she produces the final file. Small stipends will be given to narrators on a per-project basis.

  1. MahveshM says:

    thank you! I’m hoping that means this isn’t just for people with US accents (ignore my tweet if you see this first!) I’m going to upload some of my radio work to a SoundCloud account or something and apply.

      • MahveshM says:

        Hi Neil – I recorded a few samples specially for this so you guys could check qualilty etc too (I work for a radio station – can use their facilities etc so wanted you to hear that sound in particular), and I’ve just got them cleaned up but Google docs tells me application is no longer active. Is there any way I can still send you the samples, for future reference, if not this particular chance?

        thank you!

  2. Eric Holodnak says:

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve always wanted to do a job like this and, when my wife showed me your request for narrators I got incredibly excited. I do have some past vocal work. I have a very high end recorder. And I’d love to do this. Let me know what you’d like from me and if you happen to have a sample page of dialogue, please feel free to email you and I’ll read it for you.

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