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Clarkesworld on the Kindle: First set of back issues

In addition to the current issue of Clarkesworld Magazine, the following 6 months of back issues are now available on the Kindle. I hope to add 2-3 more every few days.

Other ebook formats will be available soon. If you want to make a special plea for your favored format, please leave a comment.


Kindle help… thanks!


Another magazine has adopted my submissions system


  1. I love the issue 40 cover.

  2. Adobe DRMed EPUB, i.e. the Sony store, would be nice.

  3. I own a B&N nook, and right now the electronic magazine options are lacking. I would totally subscribe on my nook!

    • I can’t get anyone at B&N to return my emails. I’ve been trying to get the information out of them for some time now. Will keep trying.

      • Well, I’m sure glad you let me know. Nook owners receive emails stating that they are welcome to send suggestions, complaints, questions, etc.

        I just wrote customer service, and I hope someone at B&N gets in contact with you soon. Maybe my customer complaint about your magazine being available for the Kindle and not the nook will make B&N move quickly to keep their customers happy. Fingers crossed!

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