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Clarkesworld November Slush Stats

Here are the November slush statistics from Clarkesworld Magazine:

Total Submissions: 347 (down 39 from October)

Submissions by Gender

    Male: 231 (66.57%), down 36, 0 accepted
    Female: 116 (33.43%), down 3, 1 accepted

Average Response Time: 0.94 Days (roughly 24 hours)

39 submissions (slightly more than 11%) did not follow the submission guidelines. The most common mistake was a failure to use standard manuscript format.

Are there any other stats people would like us to share?


Clarkesworld #27


Shrieking into the Holidays


  1. well..I always like to know the country breakdowns, and what Strange Horizons do when they post how many submissions by author (2 writers sent 12 subs; 17 sent 1 sub, etc).
    The latter is more a year-end thing, and I suppose both of these are a bit of a schlep to track.

    what about genre breakdowns? % of SF vs Fantasy vs Horror vs..?

    for authors that got an acceptance, I’m always keen to know about the debutantes: 1st sale to market [Clarkesworld, in this case], 1st pro sale, 1st ever sale.
    it’s always kind of nice to know that and I think the latter 2 give beginners a boost, you know?

    • I’m trying to rig up something to pull country from the IP address on the submission. Should have that figured out over the holidays.

      We haven’t been tracking genre and honestly, a lot of submissions blur the lines. I can say that of the four stories I’ve accepted, three are science fiction and one is fantasy.

      November’s lone acceptance is the author’s first sale. All the stories I’ve accepted are first appearances in CW.

      • why not just add a section on the submission form that says “country”?

        November’s lone acceptance is the author’s first sale.

        see, that’s pretty big news and a major achievement in that writer’s progress. I wish there was a way to make more of that, for all the mags and so more people would know about it.

        • Actually, I planned on making a big deal about it when I formally announced the acceptance of that particular story. 🙂

          I haven’t added any extra questions to the submission form because I want to keep it short, simple, and focused on the submission. As it is, I work out gender myself and if IP can supply the country, why bug them for it.

    • According to an analysis of the IP addresses, we received submissions from 20 different countries in November.

      Countries with 5 or more submissions:

      UNITED STATES: 245 (71.43%)
      CANADA: 26 (7.58%)
      UNITED KINGDOM: 24 (7.00%)
      AUSTRALIA: 15 (4.37%)
      SWEDEN: 5 (1.46%)
      GERMANY: 5 (1.46%)

  2. Man, that’s a lot of subs.

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