Clarkesworld Magazine

The cat is out of the bag. With the assistance of nihilistic_kid and oldcharliebrown Clarkesworld Magazine will become a reality in October. 

Here are the highlights:

* two stories posted to the site each month
* signed limited chapbook containing both stories after the month is over
* at the end of a year, an unsigned anthology
* paying 10 cents a word
* one slot per month is solicited, the other via open submission (guidelines)

23 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Magazine

  1. jpsorrow says:

    This is cool! Too bad I don’t have a Varis short to submit. I have one in mind, but not written yet. And writing it will have to wait until after book 3 is written. But let me know what this all goes live.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Thanks! Definitely keep us in mind if you write that story. Haven’t even seen book 2 and I’m already looking forward to 3. I’ve been enjoying reading your progress reports.

      • tbclone47 says:

        I know what ya mean. 🙂 Mine started 11 years ago at 36–when I started Talebones. vbg!

        Good luck! I hadn’t even heard about this–luckily I’ve been going backwards through FRIEND posts a little…

    • Anonymous says:

      And of course, what I mean by sheesh is: good luck! (my sheesh comes out of seeing new competition for stories crop up….)



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