Here are some of the authors and stories you can expect in the first six months of Clarkesworld Magazine:

October 1. Sarah Monette (truepenny)
2. “304 Adolph Hitler Strasse” by Lavie Tidhar
November 1. Catherynne M. Valente (yuki_onna)
2. “Lydia’s Body” by Vylar Kaftan
December 1.
2. “The Other Amazon” by Jenny Davidson
January 1.
2. “Automatic” by Erica Satifka
February 1.
2. “Attar of Roses” by Sharon Mock
March 1.
2. “Mermaid” by Carrie Laben

I have to thank nihilistic_kid for his hard (and often entertaining) work on the open submissions that yielded all those #2 slot stories. I just finished reading them and I’m almost sorry that I’ll have to make you wait. 🙂 oldcharliebrown and I hope to have some more details on the first six #1 slots available soon.

I expect to have the details for the signed limited chapbook subscriptions available in the next few days.