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Clarkesworld Magazine reopens to submissions tomorrow.

What’s the same:

  • payrate: 10 cents per word
  • story length: 1-4K
  • stories to appear online (text and audio), as signed chapbooks, and in Realms, the annual Clarkesworld print anthology
  • the types of stories we’re looking for
  • non-fiction and art submissions submissions still via email

What’s different:

  • fiction submissions must be made through our online submissions system instead of email
  • an ability to check on the status of your submission through the same web page (including how many stories are ahead of you)
  • stories submitted as RTF or Word documents
  • form letters instead of personalized rejections
  • new group of slush readers
  • new editor: Neil Clarke
  • new goal: 14 day response response time

Full submission guidelines can be found here:
Submissions received before September 20th will be deleted.

Technical issues can be sent to This is a new system, so honest feedback (to the same email address) would be appreciated.


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Clarkesworld Honorable Mentions in YBF&H 2008


  1. Very cool at least that explains why you haven’t been able to email me on my recent order.

    Did you code the tracking system yourself?

  2. the status tracking is a good idea, it works pretty well at ASIM and goes a long way towards soothing nervous author nerves. ditto the web submissions form. it works pretty well where I’ve seen it (Strange Horizons primarily, although there’s another one I can’t remember now).

    well, the era of Neil Clarke editor is about to dawn in full it seems. luck:)

    • Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to see either of those two systems, but I’ve heard good things. I figured it was time to put that computer science degree to good use and make the process more friendly.

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