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Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 1

Here is the cover art for issue #1:

A bigger version can be seen here. The art is by Tomasz Pietrzyk and we’ll be using another piece by him in a few months. At this point, I have the art for the first 5 issues.

We debut online in a little over two weeks. The chapbook will follow later.




Some days are strange


  1. That’s pretty cute!

  2. Gorgeous cover!

  3. Very pretty.

  4. Looks purdy, Neil.

  5. Congrats! Five covers already scheduled! Sheesh, I’ve never had more than two at a time for Talebones.

  6. that looks fantastic!
    i’ve been meaning to ask you to clarify osmething…
    the book at the end of the year… will it contain all the stories from the year?

    • Yes, all 24 stories will be included. It won’t be signed. We haven’t decided if there will be a hardcover or just the trade paperback. As you can imagine, with a year to work on it, it’s taken something of a backseat to the other details.

  7. Wow, that certainly is lovely. It makes me want to submit, since I have a story in mind about a duck being found in a duct…

    • Mallard led a rough life and today things weren’t getting any easier. Stuck in the ductwork deep in the bowels of the Clarkesworld complex, he desparately tried to reach his utility belt…

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