Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 1

Here is the cover art for issue #1:

A bigger version can be seen here. The art is by Tomasz Pietrzyk and we’ll be using another piece by him in a few months. At this point, I have the art for the first 5 issues.

We debut online in a little over two weeks. The chapbook will follow later.

11 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 1

  1. lokilokust says:

    that looks fantastic!
    i’ve been meaning to ask you to clarify osmething…
    the book at the end of the year… will it contain all the stories from the year?

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Yes, all 24 stories will be included. It won’t be signed. We haven’t decided if there will be a hardcover or just the trade paperback. As you can imagine, with a year to work on it, it’s taken something of a backseat to the other details.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Mallard led a rough life and today things weren’t getting any easier. Stuck in the ductwork deep in the bowels of the Clarkesworld complex, he desparately tried to reach his utility belt…

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