Clarkesworld Kindle Subscriptions Update


When we launched our Kindle subscription program in June, I mentioned that it was going to play important role in providing Clarkesworld with a more stable financial future. To help get things rolling, I offered to add an extra story to each issue if we could pick up 500 subscribers by our 5th anniversary issue (October). Today we crossed the halfway point! Keep this up and you’ll get those stories. Heck, we might even hit my previously unspoken goal of 1000 by 2012. That would be incredible. You people are the best. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Kindle Subscriptions Update

  1. wyrmadmin says:

    Re: Weightless Books

    There haven’t been many there, but they will be included in the final total. If we get into B&N or another subscription program, we’ll include those as well.

  2. skidspoppe says:

    One quick question: The Amazon site says “The seven most recent issues delivered are saved on your Kindle. Older issues are automatically deleted for your convenience.”

    Are those archived or are they lost forever?

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