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Clarkesworld January Slush Update

Clarkesworld Magazine submissions are coming in at a much higher rate than usual. We were only open for the second half of January, but we processed just 16 fewer submissions than we did for the entire month of  November.

Submissions Processed: 331

Average Response Time: 1.4 days

Gender Breakdown:
215 Men (64.95%), 1 acceptance
116 Women (35.05%), 0 acceptances

Countries with Two or More Submissions:
US 76.13%
UK 7.55%
Canada 6.95%
Australia 3.63%
Germany 0.91%
New Zealand 0.6%
Netherlands 0.6%


Congratulations to Catherynne M. Valente and Jay Lake


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  1. Pretty common after you take a break. Everyone saves up their stories to send to you. 🙂

  2. I only just started following your lj. Thanks for posting the stats!

    • You’re welcome. I figure if I’m going to go to the effort of researching this, I might as well share. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Question: With this many more submissions, does it allow you to be choosier in material or would you say the same amount makes it past the slush and into consideration?

        Also, do you think the recent closure of Realms and the notification that F&SF has gone bimonthly may be increasing spec slush across the board?

        Kudos on an awesome slush time BTW!

        • I don’t think it works like that for me. If a story screams “buy me” (please people, don’t start putting that in your stories) then I will buy it. If I find us purchasing too many months out, I’ll close to submissions for a month or two. I won’t pass on a “buy me” just in case the most awesome story ever might be days away from submission.

          Can’t say if the changes at F&SF or RoF have had any impact on the slush. Authors haven’t been telling us that (most wouldn’t) and I’m not seeing a lot more F&SF or RoF-type stories in the slush I’ve read. (I read about 1/3rd of all slush as first reader.)

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