We developed the Clarkesworld Citizenship program in the very early days of the magazine and it since has evolved into a popular option, particularly among those find everything they need in our online text or audio podcast editions. Not everyone wants or needs a print or electronic subscription, so having an alternate method to support the magazine is important.

If you’ve ever seen one of our annual Clarkesworld anthologies, you may have noticed the key perk of being a Citizen: being officially recognized for their support.

Learning from our friends at PBS, we made Citizenship a tiered program with fun titles. You can be a Citizen, Burgermeister, Royalty, Overlord, or Diety based on your level of monthly support. Your name (or pseudonym) is listed under your title in the Census of the next volume (print and digital).

Subscriptions are important to the future of Clarkesworld and directly impact what we can pay our authors, artists, and staff. If a traditional subscription isn’t for you, I hope you’ll consider this fun little alternative available at one of these two sites: Patreon and ClarkesworldCitizens.com.

Oh and I’m working on the Year Thirteen anthology now. If you sign up soon, your name could be in that one!