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Clarkesworld Citizenship Drive and Census – Update

The Clarkesworld Magazine Citizenship Drive was launched last week and I’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support with a donation. When I launched this fundraising program, I intended to let people build up their own empires and recognize specific Clarkesworld authors. This past weekend, I wrote up a system to help make that possible.

If you visit our Census Page, you can become an Overlord’s minion, a subject of a Royal’s court, move to a Burgermeister’s town, or become a follower of one of our authors in the Clarkesworld Pantheon. If you have previously donated at the Overlord, Royalty, or Burgermeister levels, there is a link for people to join (or become competitors to) your town, realm or domain. If we’ve published a story by you, fans can colonize Clarkesworld and choose you as their household diety. Steal the links. Spread the word. Build your empire!

Want to start your own domain, realm, or town and collect your own subjects? You can do that too.


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  1. Such a clever idea, guys!

  2. Neil, is your email on the blink again? Or did you ever get my note from back on the first of November?

  3. This is so horrifically creative, it is almost madness. Madness!

    • There are members of my family that would agree with that diagnosis.

      • I’m sure you’re just misunderstood and that there is a perfectly logical explanation for all the posed squirrel corpses in the basement…

  4. What a neat idea! I’ll do my best to acquire some subjects and take over the world ahahahahahaaaaa.

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