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Clarkesworld Books Summer Sale

Clarkesworld Holiday Sale was so much fun (not to mention good at clearing out books) that I’ve decided to do a Summer Sale.

Clarkesworld Books is open now through the end of July, with a minimum order of $35 and lot of books at nice prices.

The goal this time around is to sell off enough books that I can move my office and give my two children the bigger room. They don’t know about this, but I hope to surprise them with the move sometime this summer. Every book you buy helps get me closer to make these two happier…

Oh and I even added Realms and Memorare to the Clarkesworld Books catalog so you can pick up copies of Wyrm’s latest books while you feast on the remains of my last business…

Please spread the word!


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  1. No fair using the kiddies! *g*

    • Child labor laws prevent me from putting them to work packing all these orders, so I had to find some way for them to help. 🙂

  2. Damn you Neil Clarke!

  3. Hooray! Does this mean you’ll be able to get to my books?

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