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Clarkesworld Books 2006 Bestsellers – Part Two

The following is based on 2006 sales data from Clarkesworld Books. All books and magazines were sold online or at conventions. Where possible, I have listed 2005 sales data rankings.

Bestselling Magazines

1 – Fantasy Magazine (-)
2 – Fantasy & Science Fiction (1)
3 – Weird Tales (2)
4 – Asimov’s (3)
5 – Analog (4)
6 – Interzone (5)
7 – Subterranean (9)
8 – Cemetery Dance (8)
9 – H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror (7)
10 – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (-)

Magazine sales included single issue, back issue, and subscription sales, basically anything we received money for.  A subscription counted the same as a single issue.  We take subscriptions for three of the magazines listed (Fantasy, Weird Tales, and Subterranean).

The big surprise this time is probably Fantasy Magazine.  I’ll tell you that the difference between 1st and 2nd was in the single digits, so if you’re one of those people who thinks I’m crazy for including subscriptions, you can switch the first two and make your own list.  Anyhow, Fantasy was directing people to our site for subscriptions, preorders, covers, for the better part of the year.  It was also one of two magazines that often had multiple copy (of the same issue) sales.  (The other was Interzone.)  These were often friends or family of their contributors.  As it becomes more widely available, I suspect we’ll see a drop in our sales of Fantasy Magazine. It should be interesting to see if it can maintain this spot.

There is no need to explain how F&SF ends up where it is.  Weird Tales, however, is #3 largely because of back issue sales. The same can be said of HPL, which barely did anything new this year.

The gap between Asimovs and Analog is closing.  If I map out the trends, Analog may very well overtake Asimovs in the next year.  Our back issue sales for Analog seem to be growing faster.

Where’s Realms of Fantasy?  We only started stocking that a few months ago, but I’d be willing to bet that they’ll make the list next year.  Same goes for TTA/Black Static if they start publishing again.  2007 will also see the debut of the signed print versions of Clarkesworld Magazine.  Being the publisher of that magazine, I’ll be quite disappointed if we don’t make the cut. 🙂

When we did this last year, I noticed that the majority of our magazine sales were back issues.  This continued to be the case again this year.  It was particularly true with the magazines that are typically available in neighborhood bookstores.  There are also a number of international customers that will buy 2-3 months of issues at a time to save money on shipping.

Still to come:

Bestselling Author
Bestselling Books by Title


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  1. Anonymous

    Oh the lovely mags

    I really appreciate this journal entry of rankings and analysis and hope you keep it up yearly. It allows us mag fans not only to see where our favorites are but what we might want to pick up later as well. I am disappointed about one thing: Cemetery Dance in #8 place! Hear me oh denizens of the dark your mag is not in the top four where you all want it to be. It had some AMAZING articles and stories in 2006 including interviews of various Twilight Zone related personalities as I recall. What’s your opinion Neil –is it because there are just more fantasy and sf readers then pure ‘horror’ ones (in quotes because thats a really broad category) who buy short fic? Personally Im going to keep supporting this one. By the way for you out there who dont know: CD is run by Stephen King’s childhood friend and King himself has an ongoing subscription.

    George California Sorcery

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