1. The Hidden Family by Charles Stross (Hardcover)
2. Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez (Trade Paperback)
3. Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories by Gregory Frost (Hardcover)
4. The Hides by Kealan Patrick Burke (Signed Hardcover)
5. Broken Angel by Brian Knight (Signed Hardcover)

1. Fantasy & Science Fiction
2. Andromeda Spaceways
3. The Third Alternative
4. The Horror Express
5. Studies in Fantasy Literature

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending May 22nd, 2005.

We’ve received the paperback edition of Brian Keene’s City of the Dead. It would have been number 1 this week, but all copies are being sent off to Brian for signing, so his inevitable entry in the bestseller list will be delayed.