1. Night of Knives by Ian Cameron Esslemont (Signed Hardcover)
2. The Hour Before Dawn and Two Other Stories From Newford by Charles de Lint (Signed Hardcover)
3. Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (Hardcover)
4. City of the Dead by Brian Keene (Signed Paperback)
5. November Mourns by Tom Piccirilli (Signed Paperback)

1. Subterranean
2. Asimov’s
3. Fantasy & Science Fiction
4. Interzone
5. Postscripts

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending June 26th, 2005.

Our second shipment of Night of Knives arrived and Esslemont shot right back up to the top of the pile again, just narrowly beating Charles de Lint’s latest. The unsigned hardcover of Hour placed a close 6th.

Congratulations to Subterranean for coming in at the top of the heap in their first week with their first issue!