Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending August 21st, 2005

1The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Heroines by John Crowley (Numbered Hardcover)
2Olympos by Dan Simmons (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
3Godslayer by Jacqueline Carey (Signed Hardcover)
4Rocket Science by Jay Lake (Trade Paperback)
5Blood Follows by Steven Erikson (Signed Hardcover)

1Cemetery Dance
2Fantasy & Science Fiction
3The Third Alternative

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books for the week ending August 21st, 2005.

The only book to new to the top five this week is Godslayer. It came out a few weeks ago, but had sent all our copies to Jacqueline for signing and they just came back late last week.


5 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending August 21st, 2005

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Argh! I meant to send you mail and completely forgot. Sorry about that. They arrived and all the preorder customers have been contacted. Had I received all the PayPal payments due this weekend, you would have made this week’s list with Yume no Han. I’m still waiting for the shipment of the copies of Blue Yume and Apocrypha that I was going to send you.


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