1Voices from the Street by Philip K. Dick (Hardcover)
2Gods and Pawns by Kage Baker (Hardcover)
3The White Tyger by Paul Park (Hardcover)
4The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume One: To Be Continued by Robert Silverberg (Hardcover)
5Clickers by J. F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams (Signed Numbered Hardcover)

3Fantasy & Science Fiction
4Realms of Fantasy

Back by popular demand!  Ok, back because one person asked.  I had become a bit lazy and stopped posting these right after Christmas.  Next week is likely to see a great deal of change for the books.  We’ve received two signed limiteds with reasonable preorders: Rite by Tad Williams and The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version and one book with a lot of preorders: Brian Keene’s Fear.  I’ve been shipping those as fast as I can. Good news is that I may end up with help on the shipping side of things. Depends on how things work out.  I’m very picky about how things are packed.