Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Feb. 5, 2006

1The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing, Book 3) by R. Scott Bakker (Hardcover)
2Dusk by Tim Lebbon (Trade Paperback)
3The Healthy Dead by Steven Erikson (Signed Hardcover)
4Last Week’s Apocalypse by Douglas Lain (Trade Paperback)
5A Handbook of American Prayer by Lucius Shepard (Trade Paperback)

1Fantasy & Science Fiction
2Subterranean Magazine
3Weird Tales

2 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Feb. 5, 2006

    • wyrmadmin says:

      I’ve been tracking magazine sales by title instead of by issue, so it includes all back issue sales. Back issues account for close to 40% of our magazine sales.


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