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Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Dec. 18, 2005

1Wings in the Night (The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, vol. 4) by Robert E. Howard (Hardcover)
2Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (Paperback)
3Night of Knives by Ian Cameron Esslemont (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
4The Spirit Box by Stephen Gallagher (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
5The Rosetta Codex by Richard Paul Russo (Trade Paperback)

1Fantasy & Science Fiction
3Weird Tales

Business slowed down this week as people began to realize that there was no way USPS was going to deliver packages in time. (Is it just me or were they worse this year?) This gave me some time for some Christmas shopping, preparing the house for visitors, and going to the other job’s holiday party.

In the last 24-48 hours I’ve received a lot of new titles that had a decent number of preorders. Most won’t ship until next week because of the holiday, so next weeks numbers are expected to be low too. Those that just arrived include, Song of Kali (Simmons, limited edition), Frog Toes and Tentacles (Kiernan, trade and limited), Night of the Daemon (Shannon, limited), Bronze (Reed, trade and limited). I also received the hardcover edition of Subterranean Magazine with the limited edition Thomas Ligotti chapbook. I’ll definitely be busy next week.



Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending December 12, 2005


Clarkesworld Bestsellers : Week Ending December 25th, 2005

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  1. Hi, Neil!

    Not that these will appear on your bestseller list, but I’ve got some Mythic Delirium issues to send your way.

    Hope your holidays are great.

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