11 thoughts on “Clarkesworld 2007 Cover Art Poll

  1. orrin says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again, you have the best covers out there. I’m glad to get a chance to cast my votes on them.

  2. snickelish says:

    I really, really love your taste in cover art. They’re beautiful and whimsical yet strongly speculative, and they don’t just drift off into surreal like some magazines tend to do. I only voted for the little robot on the box because I like that one *even more than* I like all the others, not because it was the only one I liked. 🙂

  3. will_couvillier says:

    4, 7, 10.

    Hey, hate to see that the store is shutting again — I ordered long ago and since forgot how many full runs of mags you have there. Haven’t returned to order from that memory lapse…

      • will_couvillier says:

        I hear that.

        I like Mythos stuff, and you have a few titles I hope to pick up, as soon as finances allow. Also, would you have any insight as to where I might find Wicked Hollow 2-4? I still watch for those, and it’s a shame Jon disappeared. His was a good act, indeed.

        • wyrmadmin says:

          I don’t think I’ve ever scene Wicked Hollow 2 or 3. I may have had a copy of 4 at one point. I keep hoping that he turns up sometime and does another.

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