NOTE: Due to my flight being cancelled and an inability to book a replacement flight that would get me there in time, I’ve had to cancel this trip. I am very disappointed and send my apologies to everyone. Should be a fantastic conference and I hope everyone has a great time.


I’ll be taking two trips to China over the next month. The first will take me to the China Science Fiction Conference 2019, held November 2-3 in the Garden Expo Park in Fengtai District, Beijing. It will be a short trip, but I expect to have a day of sightseeing before I return home. I’ll talk more about the second trip later.

Schedule (subject to change)

November 2nd
9:40-10:20 Interview
13:00-14:00 Interview
5:00-15:30 @ Storycom Table (number 07) Signing
Evening, Welcome Banquet held by CAST

November 3rd
Morning, Opening Ceremony
Afternoon, Presentation (The Future of SF is International)