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My shipment of signed copies of Charles de Lint’s QUICKSILVER AND SHADOW collection arrived yesterday. We started shipping preorders today.

This morning there was a surprise announcement from Subterranean for a new de Lint collection called THE HOUR BEFORE DAWN AND TWO OTHER STORIES FROM NEWFORD that will be available in trade hardcover and signed limited hardcover.

And if that’s not enough…. The signed limited edition of MOONHEART should start shipping from Subterranean in a few weeks. I’m not sure if that also includes the deluxe leatherbound edition as well.

2 thoughts on “Charles de Lint News

  1. unwrecked says:

    You know, I’ve been disappointed with the last few de Lint novels I’ve read or tried to read — ONION GIRL and a couple others, along with about half of the stories in TAPPING THE DREAM TREE. I really liked the opening 2/3 of SOMEPLACE TO BE FLYING, but then it got silly. I liked his old book A WHISPER TO A SCREAM, and MEMORY AND DREAM the best.

    I really want to like his stuff, because I love Newford and his characters, but sometimes his writing is too rudimentary or something.

    Not sure where I’m going with this, but I was wondering what you think de Lint’s best books are. His newer stuff seems like watered-down versions of his better older stuff…

    • wyrmadmin says:

      I’ll admit that my favorites are the earlier works. This new collection, QUICKSILVER AND SHADOW, is the second volume of collected early stories. You might like it.


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