Cemetery Dance announced a couple of books and a new “Signature Series” today.

Here are the details about the Signature Series:

“The Cemetery Dance Signature Series is a new line of special edition books designed specifically for collectors!

This unique series of art-oriented, high-end collectible books will be designed for the collector, with the lowest print runs of ANY book we publish. These books will NOT to be sold via wholesale distributors or to libraries. In fact, we won’t even be printing review copies of these titles since their print runs will be so limited!

The books in the Cemetery Dance Signature Series will be designed around ORIGINAL stories by horror’s best and brightest authors. These novelettes will be between 10,000 and 20,000 words in length, and we say the books will “designed around” the stories because the books in this series will feature more interior artwork, spot artwork, and other illustrations than anything else we publish!

In addition to all the interior artwork, each title in the Signature Series will have illustrated endpapers and a unique “art based” signature sheet. Each book will be bound in high quality cloth with unique stamping designed by the artist. These books will have a smaller, more compact trim size, too — for this series we’ll be working with your favorite Cemetery Dance artists to create unique works of art!” — from Cemetery Dance Web Site

The first three books are:
Looking Glass by assorted authors
Windows by Ray Garton
Mr. Darkness by Douglas Clegg

We’ll be able to get matching numbers on these titles, but you better reserve now because booksellers are only being allocated a few copies of each.

Also announced were:
The Hides by Kealan Patrick Burke (sequel to The Turtle Boy)
Dark Delicacies by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb