Short Story Author Survey Demographics

The short story author survey is now closed. In the end, I received 944 usable responses. I’m not ready to talk about the theory that inspired the survey, but it looks like I’ll have enough time to write it all up for my editorial June issue of Clarkesworld Magazine (to be released June 1). In the meantime, I can share some of the demographic information:

Male: 53.8%
Female: 43.5%
Other: 2.6%

Publication History
Published in Clarkesworld: 7.2%
Traditionally Published: 80.7%
Self Published: 30.1%
Unpublished: 13.3%

USA: 70.6%
UK: 7.3%
Australia: 5.6%
Canada: 5.6%
Other: 10.9%

Under 18: 0.2%
18-21: 0.8%
22-29: 12.7%
30-39: 30.3%
40-49: 32.5%
50-59: 16.3%
60-69: 6.7%
70-79: 0.4%

The truth about short story titles

The title frenzy continues. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here are posts one and two about the most common titles and words in titles in the Clarkesworld slush pile.

I posted both sets of data because I found them interesting, nothing more. Some people (here and elsewhere) have opinions about the use of those titles and the people who use them. They do not speak for me.

Here are some facts:
  • I have never rejected a story because it had a common title
  • I don’t even pay attention to the title until I’ve decided to purchase a story
  • Changing a title is EASY, so if I don’t like it, I’ll discuss that with the author
  • There are plenty of good and bad stories with those titles, but the title is not what made them good or bad