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Science Fiction Novella Recommendations

Care to recommend some science fiction novellas published in the last 15 years?





My first cyberversary

Exactly one year ago today, I became a cyborg. The mechanical-me hasn’t had to rescue meat-me and everything is operating according to standard specifications. I’ve successfully resisted all the urges to rise up and conquer humanity. I haven’t assimilated or upgraded anyone. There’s plenty of time for that later.

A More Worldly Semiprozine Hugo

After I announced that Clarkesworld was no longer eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo, someone emailed me to find out who I’d like to see replace us on the ballot. At first, I thought I’d just direct them to the Semiprozine Directory and relax a bit, but while looking over the list I realized that I had strong feelings about wanting a foreign market, particularly Interzone, making the cut this year.

interzoneSince it’s a UK publication, it’s always been a bit of a challenge to get their nice full-color print editions here, but they do have ebook editions for sale on Weightless Books and Amazon. Weightless even has PDFs for people who don’t like traditional ebooks. You can also order print copies direct from TTA Press on the Interzone website.

Interzone has been nominated for Best Semiprozine over twenty-five times and won in 1995. The current editor, Andy Cox, has yet to win. This year, they have a good chance of being nominees. With Worldcon in London, it stands to reason that more attendees than normal will be familiar and fond of their work. Check them out and decide for yourself.

If it’s not to your taste, check out some of the other magazines from outside the US (Albedo One, Andromeda Spaceways, Aurealis, Black Static, Neo-Opsis, On-Spec, etc.) and see if one of them would be a good fit. It’s past time to put some more of the world into this aspect of Worldcon.


Expect slower than normal responses to email, submissions, etc. from me for the next couple of days. I have bronchitis and the medication they have me on is leaving me in a fog most of the time.

UPGRADED: The Final 24 Hours

We’ve entered the final 24 hours for UPGRADED, my kickstarter cyborg anthology. It’s been an amazing experience. The project has been fully-funded and we’ve unlocked two of the stretch goals (four extra stories and a pay rate increase for our authors). As I write this, we are $2250 short of the stretch goal for funding the audio edition of this book.

THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN ENDS AT 3PM EST ON FRIDAY.  I would appreciate it if you help get out the word as the campaign comes to a close. Reaching that stretch goal would be awesome.

This project will have original stories by:

  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Helena Bell
  • Tobias S. Buckell
  • Pat Cadigan
  • Greg Egan
  • Xia Jia
  • Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • Yoon Ha Lee
  • Ken Liu
  • Chen Qiufan
  • Robert Reed
  • E. Catherine Tobler
  • Genevieve Valentine
  • Peter Watts
  • E. Lily Yu

…and several more to be announced soon. Julie Dillon will provide the cover art.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has participated so far. This is a very personal project and your support has not only made this dream a reality, but also helped me reclaim July 12th from the land of scary near-death experiences. Thank you!