I am very pleased to announce that three more authors have agreed to write stories for UPGRADED:

  • Pat Cadigan
  • Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • Peter Watts

The Kickstarter campaign ends this FRIDAY and we are $96 shy of our first stretch goal: four more stories!

I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone that has helped spread the word about this campaign. Hopefully it isn’t too much to ask that you continue to do so. The stretch goal for the audio book (everyone at the $25 and up level gets it free) is still lurking out there and I’ve been told a lot of you would like to see it happen.

Have a great weekend!


End of Week Kickstarter Update

UPGRADED, my Kickstarter cyborg anthology is off to a great start this week. After four days, 156 backers have contributed over 58% of the funding I need to make this book a reality. I want to thank everyone that has contributed and/or spread the word about this one.

This is my first Kickstarter campaign, so I’ve never seen the back-end before this week. I’m very impressed by the amount of data they provide. For example, I know that Twitter is sending me far more backers than Facebook and just how many people have watched the video to the end. I could get lost analyzing the data here. Must resist.