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Forever Magazine – April 2015

The April 2015 issue of Forever Magazine is now available!


Editorial by Neil Clarke
The Wedding Album by David Marusek (Novella)
A Few Words with David Marusek (Interview)
The Surface of Last Scattering by Ken MacLeod (Short Story)
Slipping by Lauren Beukes (Short Story)
Cover Art by Ron Guyatt

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The first box

There is something special about that first box, no matter how many book you publish…


Clarkesworld: Year Sevenyou can own one too.



Clarkesworld: Year Seven Released

Just released in trade paperback and ebook!



Table of contents and ordering information here.

Forever Magazine – March 2015

The March 2015 issue of Forever Magazine is now available!


Editorial by Neil Clarke
Dream Houses by Genevieve Valentine (Novella)
A Few Words with Genevieve Valentine (Interview)
The Endangered Camp by Ann Leckie (Short Story)
Mitigation by Tobias S. Buckell & Karl Schroeder (Novelette)
Cover Art by Ron Guyatt

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Clarkesworld – March 2015

The March 2015 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available. You can get the issue:

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MARCH 2015 – ISSUE #102


“Slowly Builds An Empire” by Naim Kabir
“Cassandra” by Ken Liu
“The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild – Part 2″ by Catherynne M. Valente
“All Original Brightness” by Mike Buckley
“Coming of the Light” by Chen Qiufan
“The Clear Blue Seas of Luna” by Gregory Benford
“The Bookseller” by Lavie Tidhar


Dark Angels: Insects in the Films of Guillermo del Toro by Orrin Grey
Music, Magic, and Memory: A Conversation with Randy Henderson and Silvia Morena-Garcia by Jason Heller
Staying Sensitive in the Crowd: A Conversation with Chen Qiufan by Ken Liu
Another Word: A Shed of One’s Own by Chuck Wendig
Editor’s Desk: Reader’s Poll Winners, Nebulas, and Forever by Neil Clarke


This month’s stories will be released in audio form over the course of the month. Read by Kate Baker.


Keter by Peter Mohrbacher

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The Future is Forever

I’ve gone and launched another magazine. Forever Magazine is an all reprint market that features a novella and two short stories in each issue. Unlike Clarkesworld, Forever is positioned squarely as a science fiction magazine and is not available for free. Like Clarkesworld, it will be available for subscription (Amazon, Weightless, and Direct) and as standalone issues from Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo.


Why? Well, I explain some of that in the editorial, but what it comes down to is I see it as an opportunity to publish more novellas and to stretch my wings as an editor. I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while, but it didn’t become practical until I was given the ability to add it to Amazon’s subscription program.

How it grows and what direction it goes depends on your response. The first goal is to cover the expenses. After that, we’ll see. I’m not ruling out adding original stories or novellas to the mix, but that has a cost that the magazine must first grow to cover.

So you can get a taste, I’m making the first issue available for free (epub, mobi/Kindle). You can always purchase it online if you like, or even get the first issue as part of the free thirty-day trial of your Amazon subscription.

The first issue features:

  • The Regular by Ken Liu (novella)
  • The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick (short story)
  • Firebrand by Peter Watts (short story)

and Ron Guyatt is our featured artist for at least the next six issues.