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I tend to be a stay-at-home kind of person, but I’ve had to cancel traveling to a lot of conventions and events in the last year. One of the things I tend to enjoy the most about those events is the interactions I have with fellow attendees (fans and professionals).

Later this month, I’ll be hosting some online short fiction-related panels with some friends and colleagues, but Kate has been pushing me to try using Twitch for more “just me” stuff. I’ve created an account and plan on holding informal kaffeeklatsch-like events there. If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, let me translate…

Twitch is a video streaming site. If you go to this page, you’ll find my profile there and can sign up to be notified when I’m “streaming” (on camera and available). I can’t see the audience members, but they can “talk” to me via the chat room. At conventions, a kaffeeklatsch (or a literary beer) is an informal event where you can go and have a group chat with one of the guests. The participants ask questions about the work you do and other related stuff.

I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes. The first session will be Thursday, April 9 at 1PM EDT. How long it runs will completely depend on the audience. Hope to “see” some of you there. (If this works out, I’ll schedule others at different times and different days. Not trying to favor any one particular time zone here.)

Slush Reader Application 2020

If you are interested in being a slush reader for Clarkesworld Magazine, I highly recommend that you fill out our application. When a vacancy opens, we consider/reconsider every application turned in during the last year before soliciting new applications on social media. Quite often these positions are filled from existing applications.

A few notes:

  1. This is an unpaid volunteer position.
  2. Slush readers & other staff are prohibited from submitting stories or articles to the magazine.
  3. You should have time to read an average of five stories a day. (You can stop reading a story when it’s clear that we shouldn’t publish it.)
  4. Priority is given to writers and those considering becoming an editor.

A version of this post is reblogged every year or so with minor changes.

Congratulations Nebula Finalists!

Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists for the Nebula Award and in particular, A. T. Greenblatt. “Give the Family My Love” (from the February 2019 issue of Clarkesworld) is a finalist for best short story!


February 2019 Issue of Clarkesworld

The February 2020 issue of Clarkesworld is now online at:

This issue includes the results of first round of our reader’s poll and how to vote for the best story and cover art of Clarkesworld’s 2019 issues. You can find the finalists here:

2019 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll – Phase One

The nomination phase of our annual reader’s poll for Best Clarkesworld story and cover art (of 2019) is now open. This phase is short and will close tomorrow, January 28th at 8PM EST. Vote now!

2019 Clarkesworld Stories and Cover Art

2019 Clarkesworld Stories

Eater of Worlds” by Jamie Wahls (Short Story, 1/19)
One’s Burden, Again” by Natalia Theodoridou (Short Story, 1/19)
Fire in the Bone” by Ray Nayler (Short Story, 1/19)
The Ghosts of Ganymede” by Derek Künsken (Novelette, 1/19)
Venus in Bloom” by Lavie Tidhar (Short Story, 1/19)
East of the Sun, West of the Stars” by Brit E. B. Hvide (Short Story, 2/19)
Painwise” by Robert Reed (Short Story, 2/19)
The Final Ascent” by Ian Creasey (Novelette, 2/19)
Give the Family My Love” by A. T. Greenblatt (Short Story, 2/19)
The Face of God” by Bo Balder (Short Story, 2/19)
The Butcher of New Tasmania” by Suo Hefu (Short Story, 2/19)
But, Still, I Smile” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires (Novelette, 3/19)
When Home, No Need to Cry” by Erin K. Wagner (Short Story, 3/19)
Death of an Air Salesman” by Rich Larson (Short Story, 3/19)
Dreams Strung like Pearls Between War and Peace” by Nin Harris (Short Story, 3/19)
Treasure Diving” by Kai Hudson (Short Story, 3/19)
The Thing With the Helmets” by Emily C. Skaftun (Short Story, 3/19)
The Last Eagle” by Natalia Theodoridou (Short Story, 4/19)
Ripen” by Yukimi Ogawa (Novelette, 4/19)
Gaze of Robot, Gaze of Bird” by Eric Schwitzgebel (Short Story, 4/19)
The Flowering” by Soyeon Jeong (Short Story, 4/19)
Social Darwinism” by Priya Chand (Short Story, 4/19)
In Search of Your Memories” by Nian Yu (Short Story, 4/19)
Skyscrapers in the Sand” by Y.M. Pang (Short Story, 4/19)
Tick-Tock” by Xia Jia (Short Story, 5/19)
Move Forward, Disappear, Transcend” by A. T. Greenblatt (Short Story, 5/19)
Empress in Glass” by Cory Skerry (Short Story, 5/19)
Insaan Hain, Farishte Nahin” by Arula Ratnakar (Novelette, 5/19)
The Sun from Both Sides” by R.S.A. Garcia (Novelette, 5/19)
The Painter of Trees” by Suzanne Palmer (Short Story, 6/19)
Erdenweh” by Bo Balder (Short Story, 6/19)
The Peppers of GreenScallion” by Myung-hoon Bae (Short Story, 6/19)
Said of Angels” by Eric Del Carlo (Novelette, 6/19)
Bonobo” by Robert Reed (Short Story, 6/19)
Field Mice” by Andy Dudak (Short Story, 6/19)
The Visible Frontier” by Grace Seybold (Short Story, 7/19)
Xingzhou” by Ng Yi-Sheng (Short Story, 7/19)
Shattered Sidewalks of the Human Heart” by Sam Miller (Short Story, 7/19)
Wu Ding’s Journey to the West” by Tang Fei (Novelette, 7/19)
Flowers on My Face” by Geo-il Bok (Short Story, 7/19)
One in a Million” by Rodrigo Juri (Novelette, 7/19)
The Weapons of Wonderland” by Thoraiya Dyer (Short Story, 7/19)
Entangled” by Beston Barnett (Short Story, 8/19)
Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires (Short Story, 8/19)
Your Face” by Rachel Swirsky (Short Story, 8/19)
The Yorkshire Mammoth” by Harry Turtledove (Short Story, 8/19)
In This Moment, We Are Happy” by Chen Qiufan (Novelette, 8/19)
The Second Nanny” by Djuna (Novelette, 8/19)
Dave’s Head” by Suzanne Palmer (Novelette, 9/19)
Amorville” by Bella Han (Novelette, 9/19)
To Catch All Sorts of Flying Things” by M. L. Clark (Novelette, 9/19)
Lapis” by Sara Saab (Short Story, 9/19)
Malinche” by Gabriela Santiago (Short Story, 9/19)
All Electric Ghosts” by Rich Larson (Short Story, 10/19)
The Scrapyard” by Tomas Furby (Short Story, 10/19)
An Arc of Lightning Across the Eye of God” by P H Lee (Short Story, 10/19)
National Center for the Preservation of Human Dignity” by Youha Nam (Short Story, 10/19)
Song Xiuyun” by A Que (Novelette, 10/19)
How Alike Are We” by Bo-young Kim (Novella, 10/19)
Your Future is Pending” by Matthew Kressel (Short Story, 11/19)
Antarctica” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires (Short Story, 11/19)
Cloud-Born” by Gregory Feeley (Novelette, 11/19)
Sentinel” by Chang-Gyu Kim (Novelette, 11/19)
Operation Spring Dawn” by Mo Xiong (Novelette, 11/19)
Such Thoughts Are Unproductive” by Rebecca Campbell (Short Story, 12/19)
Witch of the Weave” by Henry Szabranski (Short Story, 12/19)
Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet” by Catherine George (Short Story, 12/19)
Eclipse our Sins” by Tlotlo Tsamaase (Novelette, 12/19)
Appointment in Vienna” by Gabriel Murray (Novelette, 12/19)
Symbiosis Theory” by Choyeop Kim (Novelette, 12/19)

2019 Clarkesworld Cover Art

by Pascal Blanche

by Arthur Haas

“Alien Abstract VI”
by Arthur Haas

“Biolight paws at sunset”
by Arthur Haas

by Matt Dixon

“Warm Song”
by J.R. Slattum

“The Giant Mimr”
by Axel Sauerwald

by Roman Kuteynikov

by Beeple

by Beeple

“Pizza Break”
by Tomas Kral

by Derek Stenning

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