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World Fantasy Award Nominees!

The 2014 World Fantasy Award nominees were announced just the other day and I’m very honored to report that Kate, Sean, and I have been nominated for our work on Clarkesworld Magazine in the Special Award Non-Professional category! Non-professional? Yes, this isn’t what we do for our living. The criteria are very different that what is used to determine “professional” in Hugo terms, where we are professional. In other words, we’ve reached that awkward middle stage on our way to professional. :)

I’m also pleased to see Yoon Ha Lee on the Short Story ballot for “Effigy Nights” (Clarkesworld, 1/2013) and Julie Dillon for Best Artist. Among her many amazing works last year were three Clarkesworld covers and she’s also the cover artist for my upcoming anthology, UPGRADED.

This is our fourth nomination for Clarkesworld and all three of us will be on-hand for the award ceremony at the World Fantasy Convention in DC this November.

Best of luck to all the nominees! It’s a strong ballot and I don’t envy the judges on this one.

Slush Reader Application 2014

Clarkesworld Magazine is once again looking for slush readers. If you are interested, please fill out this application.

A few notes:

  1. This is an unpaid volunteer position.
  2. Slush readers & other staff are prohibited from submitting stories or articles to the magazine.
  3. You will be expected to read and provide comments on an average of at five stories per day.

July 2014 Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The July 2014 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available. You can get the issue:

or help us pay the bills by purchasing Clarkesworld with a subscription at:

JULY 2014 – ISSUE #94


“The Contemporary Foxwife” by Yoon Ha Lee
“Stone Hunger” by N. K. Jemisin
“Soul’s Bargain” by Juliette Wade
“The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness” by William Browning Spencer
“Gold Mountain” by Chris Roberson


The Issue of Gender in Genre Fiction: Publications from Slush by Susan E. Connolly
The Issue of Gender in Genre Fiction: The Math Behind the Slush by Susan E. Connolly
Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance: An Interview with Jeff VanderMeer by Ben Fry
Another Word: Reclaiming the Tie-In Novel by James L. Sutter
Editor’s Desk: Adding Some Color by Neil Clarke


This month’s stories will be released in audio form over the course of the month. Read by Kate Baker.


Depot/Station by Albert Urmanov

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Patreon Challenge Goal #1 – Unlocked!


A big thank you goes out to our Patreon supporters today. Thanks to them, we unlocked our first challenge goal of $500 per month before June 31st. As long as that monthly minimum is sustained, there will be an extra story in every other issue of Clarkesworld. The first four-story issue will be in August.

What next? Well…

Remaining Goals:

  • $750 per month at Patreon by the end of August: 75% of our issues will have four stories
  • $1000 per month at Patreon: Every issue will have four original stories
  • 500 new subscribers at Amazon and Weightless books: Another original story in each issue!

The urgency problem

The looming deadline and goal is a key element of a Kickstarter campaign. It’s quite reminiscent of this magazine cover:


The countdown clock on the campaign provides urgency. Act now and get as many people as we can to help us! Save the dog! It’s no wonder that many projects are saved in the final hours. It plays us so well.

I’ve heard some people criticize Patreon for not having that sense of urgency. No ticking time bomb of doom. No dog with a gun to his head. I can always give later. They will still be there.

Yes, Patreon is a very different business model (one could say more responsible, but I don’t want to start that fight… today), but while urgency is not built-in, it doesn’t mean you can’t create it.

To that end, I’m running an experiment. When we created our Patreon account, I set a goal of $1000 to add an original story to each new issue. That still stands. What I’ve done is created two new time-sensitive goals:

  • $500 – New story in every other issue – Must be reached by 6/30/14
  • $750 – New story in three of every four issues – Must be reached by 8/31/14

Let’s see if urgency is as much a thing as people think. If so, maybe we can encourage them to include a ticking time-bomb of doom option for goals.

Our Patreon page is available at:



Income from Ebook Sales

After I posted the percentage of the price of subscriptions and recurring payments that Clarkesworld receives, I was asked whether ebook sales were similar. Yes and no. We want you to buy where you like, but the numbers are quite different.



It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that ebook purchases of our back issues and anthologies yield the best returns when they are purchased directly from us. It is, however, the place where we sell the least number of copies. Amazon has the clear lead in that department with B&N a distant second, followed by Apple and Weightless (they keep swapping places).