I’ll be attending Capclave (Rockville, MD) this weekend and will be on the following panels:


4:00 PM The State of Small Press Publishing
Participants: Cathy Green (M), Joshua Benjamin Palmatier, Mike McPhail, Neil Clarke
It’s no secret that Capclave loves small press publishing. What’s considered a small press today and how is it different than years past? What’s new and exciting in small press publishing?


1:00 PM Anthology Builder
Participants: Alex Shvartsman, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, David Keener, Jeanne Adams, Joshua Benjamin Palmatier (M), Neil Clarke
Your anthology questions answered! How do you come up with a theme and properly curate your anthology? How do authors produce readable fiction in the confines of an original themed anthology? How do the stories get picked? What sells and what doesn’t?

2:30 PM From Amazon to Zines – Publishing in the 2020s
Participants: Ingeborg Heyer, Joshua Benjamin Palmatier, Neil Clarke, Ty Drago (M)
The publishing industry continues to evolve in surprising ways. How has Amazon, self-publishing, technology, the internet, or other factors changed the way books get made? What direction might publishing go in the near future? What do authors and readers need to know about publishing trends?

4:00 PM Ask the Editors
Participants: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Joshua Benjamin Palmatier, Neil Clarke, Scott H. Andrews (M), Ty Drago
Here’s your chance to ask our panelists all your burning questions about being an editor. Our panelists will give an overview of their role and then turn it over to you.