Brian Keene & Clarkesworld Books

I am extremely pleased to pass this along. Brian Keene (our #2 bestselling author for 2005) posted this little announcement on his blog today:

I’m happy to announce that I have reached an agreement with Clarkesworld Books, in which they will be the only authorized seller of personalized future Keene titles.

It works like this: When you order a Brian Keene book from Clarkesworld, be it a future title or anything from their current back stock, I will happily personalize it at no extra cost, should you, the customer, choose that option.

He’s posted a FAQ for all the questions this raises. You can find it here along with the rest of the announcement.

I’ll be sending Brian boxes of books as they are released and afterwards on a monthly schedule. It will slow your shipment down a little, but it’s the best way to get something signed or inscribed if you can’t catch him on a book tour or at a convention.


One thought on “Brian Keene & Clarkesworld Books

  1. franfriel says:

    Hi Neil,

    That’s great news about Brian Keene’s books. Clarksworld is hopping!!

    Wishing you a belated Happy New Year!

    All the Best,
    Fran Friel

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