Nothing like last minute decisions. Managed to get a hotel reservation in for Boskone so I’ll be making the trip to Boston later this month… weather permitting.

So, who else will be there?


16 thoughts on “Boskone

  1. racebannon42 says:

    Neil probably 15-20 GRRM fans will be there, including myself.
    I’m almost positive we have a party suite lined up. There shoudl be flyers and stuff. Look for the BwB party (brotherhood without banners). be sure to stop in and introduce yourself. I know many of us try and order from you.
    There should be a thread at Ran’s board

  2. stegoking says:

    Neil, that’s awesome!

    I’m running the parties for George R.R. Martin’s fn group. You absolutely *must* attend! (Everyone knows we throw the best parties) Check out the Brotherhood Without Banners forum for info.

    The rest of you must come to our parties as well.

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