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I was just looking over the list of people who have friended this journal and good number of them have books coming out in the next year. Here’s a list of their projects. If I missed you or missed one of your books, let me know. I did this very quickly so there are bound to be mistakes.

Elizabeth Bear
* Scardown
* Worldwired

Kealan Patrick Burke
* Taverns of the Dead (ed.)
* The Hides
* Vessels

Douglas Clegg
* The Abandoned
* The Priest of Blood

Brian Knight
* Broken Angel

Terry McGarry
* Triad

Vera Nazarian
* The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass

Wen Spencer
* A Brother’s Price

Karen Traviss
* The World Before

Catherynne M. Valente
* Apocrypha
* The Daughter’s Tales
* Yume no Han: The Book of Dreams

Martha Wells
* The Gate of Gods
* The Ships of Air

10 thoughts on “Books by our Livejournal Friends

  1. lokust says:

    any word on when ‘isis’ is to hit the shelves?
    (i’ve been waiting for AGES on that one… but nowhere near as long as i have for the lettered of kiernan’s ‘in the garden of pisonous flowers.’)

  2. sewedel says:

    My “Call to the Hunt” is just finished at the printer. I think Nathan from Scrybe will be contacting you about possibly stocking it soon.

  3. steve_vernon says:

    Things cooking, one possibility next month, one next Halloween – two more who knows when – things are brewing, keep you posted.

    (shit, how come I sound like a telegram???)

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