Book sale update

It looks like I have to make this paperback book sale a one-day event. No, I’m not in danger of running out of books, but the volume of orders has been significantly higher than I anticipated. I’d like to thank everyone for that!

So why shut it down? Well, I’m concerned about my health. I have enough orders to keep me very busy for the next week. I’m not going to over-exert myself. (My family and doctors would be more than upset with me if I did.) Instead, I’ll close things down tonight, concentrate on shipping the existing orders, get a better handle on what’s left and reopen again at a later date.

If you were late to the game and missed out, drop me an email at and I’ll let you know when I restart the sale. Heck, I’ll give everyone on the list a day head start before anyone else can order.

Sale will end at 10:00pm EST 3/10/2014.

5 thoughts on “Book sale update

  1. Paul Jessup says:

    Aw man. This fell between pay days for me (I get paid again this Friday) so I didn’t have the monies. Put me on the waiting list? I really wanted to snag the 30 horror books.

  2. Usman says:

    Neil, I finally heard back from mobile library folk. They’re very interested in the books. If you still feel up to managing more orders, please let me know and I’ll order immediately. I was thinking of two batches: 60 books (plus whatever you wanted to throw in for the mobile library, as you mentioned earlier).
    If not, no worries.

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