I've decided to donate the entire new paperback inventory of Clarkesworld Books (my old SF&F bookstore) to Clarkesworld Magazine and use it as a fundraiser. I want the books out of my house and the magazine could always use a little extra money, so this should kill two birds with one stone. I've pulled together a list of the new paperbacks we had in inventory at the time the store closed and placed it online here. To keep this manageable, I've established the following rules:

  • All books are $2.50 each with a minimum order of 15.
  • Shipping (media mail) is approximately $5 for a box of 15.
  • Payment via PayPal only. (They take credit cards.)
  • If you are going to Capclave, I can bring them there and waive shipping.
  • No international orders at this time. (Maybe later. It's a time thing and shipping is very expensive.)
  • Email me your selections (see spreadsheet) and I'll make sure they are in-stock, total it up, and invoice you.
  • If you are looking to take 100 or more, we can talk about a special deal.


If you want to spin the wheel and take a chance, $30 will get you a mystery box of 15 paperbacks randomly picked by my kids. You just have to specify fantasy, science fiction, short fiction or horror and send PayPal payment to books@clarkesworld.com. (This option may include books not on the list as we have a few strays that had been removed from the inventory.)