And so ends a week of book and ebook design…

It’s been a busy week. After spending several days prepping the January-October issues of Clarkesworld for the printer, I started catching up on some ebook projects for other publishers. Here’s a sampling of the ebooks I’ve been working on:

  1. Darkness Rising, Book One of the Catmage Chronicles by Meryl Yourish (young adult novel)
  2. Electric Velocipede Summer 2012 (magazine)
  3. Shoggoth’s in Bloom by Elizabeth Bear (collection)
  4. Bloody Fabulous ed. by Ekaterina Sedia (anthology)
  5. Season of Wonder ed. by Paula Guran (anthology)

Printed proofs for Clarkesworld will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, so I should be able to make corrections and/or sign off on them during Capclave. Finished copies will available in time for World Fantasy Convention!

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