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BitterCon 2006

Unable to attend World Fantasy Convention and left behind by all your friends?

Click on the banner to join in the BitterCon festivities!


This makes my day…


World Fantasy Awards


  1. Hah! I like that one.

    But since I have kittens, I cannot be bitter.

    • I suppose that it would make it more difficult for you to participate. Still, the discussion at BitterCon has been keeping me entertained. Nominations for GoH have started.

  2. We MISS you.

    Patricia & Joshua

    P.S. No dart games were destroyed in the making of this message.

    • 🙂 I was unaware that dart destruction was becoming a new con tradition, but if so, death to them all!

  3. You are MAG-nificent! Should I link to this post, or may I throw the banner up on my LJ as well, and send people straight to ‘s place?

  4. It’s a truly, bitterly, excellent banner.

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