Before and After

I’ve probably mentioned here at least once before that my health took a nose-dive in the late 90’s. It wasn’t until late 2002 that I found a doctor that was able to figure out all the things that were messed up with me. Sometimes I look back at pictures and have trouble accepting them as me.

I don’t have many pictures of myself, so when I received a couple of requests from conventions for a photo, I had to scramble. I couldn’t find anything I liked and a lot of them just scared me. Fortunately, my lovely wife, Lisa, was around to help rectify the situation. A few minutes in the backyard and I had something much more acceptable to send them.

Just to illustrate my point, the photo on the left is pretty accurate representation of a typical day in 2001. That was me at my best. Seriously. If you saw that guy on the street, you’d run away screaming Zombie! Zombie!  Fortunately, it’s been a while since that has happened. 🙂

Anyhow, long story to say that I’m much happier with my new picture.

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