This Friday will mark the first anniversary of my heart attack and today was first visit to the cardiologist’s office since December. I went through the standard routine of take my shirt off, laying down, being wired up for EKG, getting monitored for a few minutes, having the sticky pads pulled off, and then waiting for the doctor to come in and chat with me.

Nothing unusual to report, but I receive more reinforcement of just how severe things are. The new doctor (my old one moved away, but I previously met this one when I was in the hospital) has recommended that we replace one of my medications with something that shows more promise, so after Readercon I’ll make the switch. Otherwise, no changes. I had thought that I would be dropping a few of the medications, but given the severity of the existing damage and the likelihood of surviving another heart attack, he’s recommending a more conservative approach. I’m inclined to go with whatever keeps me the safest.

I go back again next month for an evaluation of how well the new medication works. Yay.