Attracting the Crazies

Looks like I’ve attracted some attention from a couple of crazies. It started with a letter in my PO Box in which I was put on notice. The only way to save my soul is to stop selling all those evil horror novels. After all, they glorify all that Satan stands for and pollute people’s minds with sick and depraved ideas. It went on like this for three hand-written pages. I now regret having thrown it out.

The second and most recent was an anonymous email. It seems that someone (who reads this blog)is convinced that my business is merely some sort of conspiracy to undermine another (much more popular) online indy bookseller. Proof of the conspiracy covered things like: my linking to my store in my post signature on X’s forum, selling books for less money than X, having some of the same customers, and, my favorite, having a second job. Wow, I really hope this was someone’s attempt at humor gone wrong.


29 thoughts on “Attracting the Crazies

    • wyrmadmin says:

      At least it’s nothing like the junk I used to get at my old job. These I can laugh about. I really hope they weren’t serious, but I’m fairly certain they were. Only took me a little over 5 years to get some crank letters. Not too bad. 🙂

  1. horrorofitall says:

    Yeah god forbid there is competition on teh online bookseller market. Hell Maybe we should send email to Barnes and Nobel and Amazon and ask those meanies to stop selling books too.

    Fucking tool. Who ever sent that is a fucking tool.

  2. sclerotic_rings says:

    Will your conspiracy accept volunteers for the cause? After all, if you have some Cat Piss Man bitching about the fact that you’re bothering to make sure that your business succeeds, you must be doing something right, and I want to be on the winning side.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      🙂 I’ll be switching my logo over to a little eye in the pyramid shortly.

      Heh… if I work this right I can start “The Clarkesworld Conspiracy” ad campaign.


      • sclerotic_rings says:

        And he’ll probably switch over to recreating the The Prisoner crossover that dare not speak its name: “Uhhhh, like, Number One is full of Number Two. Huh huh huh huh.”

  3. lokilokust says:

    eh, i’m surprised it took this long.
    (also! i won’t be at boskone, but i should be at the hwa new england get together on saturday night, of you’re going to it.)

  4. andyhat says:

    And here I thought your store was just a conspiracy to make me spend even more money on books, what with that evil new releases RSS feed constantly tempting me.

    If there is a conspiracy to undermine that other indy bookseller (assuming you’re referring to the one I assume you’re referring to), it’s obviously not working, because he’s getting just as much of my money as ever. As is that other one and that other one and that UK one.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Oddly enough the RSS feed is something he missed. Maybe the horror books are from Satan guy will take up the charge again my obscene use of technology. After all, you did call it evil.

      As for the conspiracy, definitely not working, but then, he only stumbled upon the fake conspiracy, the one meant to distract him from the One True Conspiracy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: attracting…

      And every now and then it drives me crazy too! I guess I should just be more understanding. 🙂

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